Radio Services: PM Narendra Modi to inaugurate 91 FM transmitters in 84 districts

Radio Services will reach an additional two crore people who did not have access to the medium so far, with coverage further increasing in about 35,000 sq km area.

On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to inaugurate 91 FM transmitters across 18 states and two union territories.

The installation of 91 new FM transmitters will enhance FM radio connectivity in the border regions and aspirational districts. Two crore more people, who lacked access to radio services, can now tune in as a result.

The coverage area will increase by about 35,000 sq km. The installation of 91 new 100 W FM transmitters in 84 districts across 18 states and two union territories is a part of the government’s efforts to improve FM connectivity in the country. This statement was issued by the PMO.

FM Transmitter

Indian government installed 91 new 100 W FM transmitters to improve radio coverage and expand its reach. The FM expansion benefited millions, adding 2 crore listeners and 35k sq km coverage to the regions.

Radio Services: PM’s Statement

According to an official statement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi firmly believes in the crucial role that radio plays in connecting with the masses.

His popular radio program, Mann ki Baat, uses radio’s unique strength to reach a wider audience and connect with people at the grassroots level. The program, which encourages people to share their thoughts and ideas, has gained immense popularity since its inception.

Radio Services
Radio Services

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The 100th episode of Mann ki Baat highlights radio’s significance in India’s media landscape and promoting communication and cultural exchange. FM expansion and Mann ki Baat’s success show radio’s power in reaching people and bridging government-public gap.

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