PM Modi’s Moscow Visit: PM to Address Concerns of Indians Involved in Ukraine Conflict

PM Modi’s Moscow Visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Moscow from July 8 to 9 for the 22nd annual India-Russia Summit. His primary agenda includes addressing the issue of Indian nationals reportedly misled into participating in the Ukraine conflict on behalf of Russia.

Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra emphasized the gravity of Indians being deceived under false promises of lucrative jobs or educational opportunities in Russia, only to find themselves in military roles.

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Background and Government Response

India had earlier cautioned its citizens against engaging in the Russia-Ukraine conflict following reports of Indians being recruited for “support jobs” with the Russian army. This advisory was issued in February to safeguard Indians from potential risks to their safety and legal status abroad.

PM Modi's Moscow Visit
PM Modi’s Moscow Visit

Legal Actions and Tragic Incidents

In response to these developments, Indian authorities have taken legal action, arresting four individuals linked to a trafficking network involved in recruiting Indians for roles allegedly related to military support in Russia. These actions underscore the serious consequences of such deceptive practices.

Tragically, Hemil Ashvinbhai Mangukiya, a 23-year-old from Gujarat employed as a security assistant by the Russian Army since December 2023, lost his life during a Ukrainian air strike in Donetsk on February 21. His death highlights the human toll of Indians unwittingly caught up in international conflicts.

PM Modi's Moscow Visit
PM Modi’s Moscow Visit

Modi’s Agenda and Key Engagements in Russia

PM Modi’s upcoming visit to Russia is his first in four years, signaling the significance of the bilateral summit after a three-year hiatus. His itinerary includes:

  • Arrival and Diplomatic Dinner: Upon arrival on July 8, PM Modi will attend a private dinner hosted by President Putin, setting the stage for substantive discussions.
  • Community Outreach: Modi will interact with the Indian diaspora in Russia, emphasizing the importance of community ties and support.
  • Honoring Fallen Heroes: A poignant moment of his visit will be laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Kremlin, honoring those who have sacrificed in conflicts.
  • High-Level Talks: The summit will conclude with focused discussions between PM Modi and President Putin, aimed at strengthening bilateral ties and addressing mutual concerns amidst global uncertainties.

PM Modi’s visit assumes significance amidst evolving global dynamics, reaffirming India’s commitment to strategic partnerships and safeguarding its citizens abroad.

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