Indian Navy swiftly responds to Arabian Sea hijacking, INS Chennai en route to distressed vessel.

In the aftermath of the attempted hijacking on Thursday evening, the Indian Navy’s Mission Deployed Platforms swiftly executed a multi-faceted response to neutralize the threat posed to a Liberian-flagged bulk carrier. A prompt alert received via the UKMTO portal indicated the presence of approximately five to six armed individuals on board the vessel. This crucial information formed the basis of an official statement released by the Indian Navy on Friday.

Strategic Deployment and Airborne Assessment

Responding with agility to the unfolding situation, the Indian Navy initiated a two-pronged approach. Firstly, a Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) was swiftly deployed to assess the situation from the air. Secondly, INS Chennai, originally tasked with maritime security operations, was strategically rerouted to provide immediate assistance to the beleaguered vessel.

Flyover and Direct Communication

In the early hours of Friday morning, the deployed Maritime Patrol Aircraft conducted a comprehensive flyover, establishing direct communication with the affected vessel. The primary focus was to ascertain the safety and well-being of the crew members navigating the challenging circumstances. The successful verification of the crew’s safety marked a pivotal step in the ongoing response efforts.

Continued Monitoring and Progressive Assistance

Ensuring continued oversight of the evolving situation, naval aircraft persistently monitor the movements of the vessel. Simultaneously, INS Chennai, a formidable Indian warship, is progressively closing in on the distressed vessel with the objective of offering critical assistance and reinforcement.

Collaborative Endeavor and Regional Coordination

The commitment to a thorough and vigilant approach is underscored by the Indian Navy’s coordinated efforts with other relevant agencies and Maritime Security Forces (MNFs) in the region. This collaborative endeavor is designed to leverage collective strengths in addressing and mitigating potential threats to maritime security comprehensively.

Proactive Stance and Ongoing Vigilance

As the situation continues to unfold, the Indian Navy remains resolute in its commitment to maintaining an unwavering presence in the region. This proactive stance is coupled with a dedication to upholding stringent maritime safety protocols and fostering robust partnerships to collectively ensure the security of maritime activities. The ongoing monitoring and cooperative strategy exemplify the Indian Navy’s steadfast determination to safeguarding the vital maritime interests in the specified area, reinforcing regional security and stability.

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