Kremlin accuses Ukraine of trying to assassinate Putin

Russia claims to have shot down two unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) that allegedly targeted the Kremlin in Moscow the previous night. They have accused Ukraine of plotting to assassinate President Vladimir Putin.

Some unverified footage on social media showed an object flying over the Kremlin before a small explosion. However, Ukraine denies any involvement in the drone strike.

Russia reported that they used electronic radar equipment to disable the drones, and Putin’s spokesman confirmed that the President was not in the Kremlin at the time. The Kremlin released a statement claiming that “the Kyiv regime” attempted to attack the Russian President’s residence using drones.

The statement indicated that the incident was a premeditated act of terrorism and an assassination attempt on the President. Russia has the right to respond with countermeasures as it deems necessary.

Despite Mr Putin’s high level of personal security, footage on social media showed smoke over central Moscow, and fragments of the drones had landed on the Kremlin site.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and there was no damage to any buildings. The President was safe and continued with his schedule as usual.

The incident occurred outside Moscow, where Mr Putin was working. The Kremlin also mentioned that the occurrence coincided with the upcoming Victory Day parade, which foreign officials were expected to attend.

The parade would take place as planned. As a result of the incident, Moscow’s mayor announced a ban on unauthorized drone flights, requiring a special government permit for such flights.

Other Russian cities have already announced that they will scale back Victory Day celebrations due to security reasons and attacks from pro-Ukrainian forces. Recently, there have been explosions and fires in Russia.

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